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Contrary to liaison interpreting, in this kind, in a general manner, there is one passive language (source language) and one active language (target language) involved which is normally the native or near native language of the interpreter. There is a major proportion of interpreting from the passive language into the active language. The sentences, paragraphs, or expressions are longer than in the previous type and the interpreter uses a notebook to take notes, that will help to reproduce the content in the most faithful way.

As the name indicates, the interpretation will be done in a consecutive way. The speaker speaks and after he/she has finished, the interpreter interprets the message into the other language. Due to this “double reproduction”, the time needed for an exposure, is almost double as well. Depending on the crowd of people, technical equipment can be used such as a tour guide system, microphones, etc.

When is consecutive interpreting necessary?

During trainings and seminars, press conferences, product presentations, etc.

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