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How can you know who a good translator or interpreter is? It is not enough to know two languages, nor even enough to speak well two languages nor even being bilingual.

A sound education, solid training, lifelong learning and also unquenchable permanent thirst for curiosity, are all indispensable elements for this profession. At the same time, experience abroad and regular contact with the working languages as well as with the own mother tongue are extraordinary important. The reason is that we are not mere word for word translators, but we are communicators between two or more cultures.

My personal experience of growing up in Germany and moving to Spain many years ago, have shaped my life in a way that from early on, I needed to communicate efficiently in a different language.

 My curiosity and desire to improve my English brought me to live in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Altogether, I spent more than 3 years living in English-speaking countries, an experience that has deepened my love for the English language and culture. I also visited a few spots in the United States, although only for holidays.

My work as interpreter starts when I receive the first email or call from a client. From there on, we work together to make your event successful. Once an assignment is confirmed, I prepare with enough time. Therefore it is vital to have preparation material or reference material. Sometimes though, the client cannot provide any material for whatever reasons, and at this point, it is important to emphasise, that the quality of an interpretation is directly coupled to the preparation.

One of the attributes of an interpreter is to adapt to the many different settings and situations that are faced and therefore, in my case also, I can highlight the following areas I have worked in:


Trainings (general, technical, practical, theoretical, etc.) in the automotive and aerospace industries, productions, products and brands, safe working practises and even fashion.


Business meetings in following fields: from agriculture, product or services, distribution, finance, human resources to logistics.


Interviews in all kinds of settings such as: sport, work, education and training, etc.


Conferences and seminars about subjects so diverse such as cinema, theatre, education, not-for-profit, general assembly or coaching.

As specialised fields I can point out the following.

Industrial sector, mainly automotive, aerospace and defence industries

Trade and business

Mechanical engineering and production processes

Education and pedagogy


Real estate industry

My clients vary from big companies to small NGOs or even private individuals

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