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IWas born in the German Alps (Bavaria) and at the age of 11 my family moved to Spain, to a lovely town at the Mediterranean Sea, were I lived for many years. This upbringing between the German and the Spanish cultures led me to a bilingual and cultural language command.

Due to my love towards languages and different cultures, after my university degree in 2007, I moved to discover the world. New Zealand was the farthest place, so this was my first stop. Afterwards, I went to Australia were I spent over two years working and deepening of my knowledge of English.

Back in Spain in 2010, I started to work at an international translation agency. My duties ranged from customer service, project managing, to translating, proof-reading and interpreting. All these extremely valuable experiences, my thirst for knowledge and my language passion, led me to encounter a new adventure: Becoming a conference interpreter. The masters degree in conference interpreting that started in 2012 in Valencia, was my stepping stone into the freelance world of an interpreter.

When I finished, I decided to get established in Madrid, where I’m based since. I usually work in and around Spain’s capital, but as I a big part of my family still lives in Germany, I also spend some time a year there. In some cities and regions, I therefore also offer my services with no additional charge for the client. These cities include Munich and the majority of Bavaria, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.

Why choose me?

Quality matters. I am convinced that with his good will and my principles, we will go far.


I am fluent in my working languages, I know cultural differences to the core, I have a solid academic background and working experience.



I am not only your supplier, but your language partner, in the short, medium and long term. Confidentiality and reliability guaranteed during any kind of work.



I adapt to your circumstances and prepare myself with enough time for each job, whether it’s a phone call, a one-week training or a working dinner.


My top priority is your success and the good outcome of the work. If I accept the job, I am committed to meeting your expectations. Always.

Besides this, there is no agency or intermediary involved. Both the contact and the work itself, is carried out by me personally.

…Goodbye commissions…

If I’m busy with a job and I can’t carry out your project, I’ll take care of finding you a competent partner thanks to my extensive network of professional translators and interpreters, at no cost to you.

Do you need one of my services?

I am looking forward to hearing from you and would be happy to advise you without obligation.