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Every project has its own needs. Interpreting prices depend on difficulty, language combination, kind of interpreting, length, place and other aspects.
Generally, I offer full day prices (up until 8 hours, including a lunch break), half day prices (up until 4 hours) and a minimum amount (usually anything up to 2 hours).

Should you have special necessities, such as longer events, weeks-long trainings, events in a foreign country , etc. then other conditions can be agreed upon.

The preparation time that I dedicate to each and single assignment can be vary between a couple of hours or days. This essential factor is included in the fees as well.

Time is money, for both of us and that is why I compromise to send you a personalised offer within 24 hours.

What do I need for an interpreting quote?

  • Kind of interpreting
  • Place
  • Dates and schedule or agenda
  • Languages
  • Subject
  • The document that needs to be translated.
  • Target language.
  • Kind of translation (in case that you need a sworn translation, please let me know. Personally I cannot offer this option, but thanks to my trustworthy network, I will still be able to help you out).

Fees for not-profit organisations or similar

Due to my wide experience in the NGO sector, I am convinced of the importance of their work and engagement and therefore I offer special prices.

Would you like a quote?

I am looking forward to hearing from you and would be happy to advise you without obligation.